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About publishing

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Evaluation of scientific research

The evaluation of research is an increasingly important and strategic aspect of the work carried out by academics everywhere.

Following publication, it is important for authors to know how their work is assessed by the scientific community, and what type of dissemination it may have.

Contracts with publishers: rights and duties associated with the use of publications

It is important for authors to be aware of current intellectual property and copyright laws, and familiar with the editorial policies of single publishers. Some publishers allow free access to articles in open archives, others allow access only under certain conditions, and still others don't allow free access at all. Check information about publishers' open access policies on Sherpa-Romeo.

Open access

Open Access is a movement that began within the academic community.

The main goals of Open Access are:

  • to favour the sharing and development of scientific knowledge
  • to promote free access to research results, without the restrictions imposed by traditional licences

There are two publication strategies adopted within the Open Access movement:

  • self-archiving in open access archives: databases containing papers on research projects, archived by the authors
  • publication in open access journals, which allow  peer reviewing without the restrictions imposed by traditional licences.

Editorial rules

The following table lists the main national and international scientific publishers and their editorial rules.

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