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Guest users card

People who do not officially carry out research, teach, or work at the University of Padova and therefore do not have a university e-mail address are considered guest users.

Guest users who are interested in using the University’s libraries and their services can request to receive an SBA Card for external users. The SBA Card, which costs 1 Euro, can be used indiscriminately in all of the libraries within the University of Padova Library System and it has no expiry date.

With this card, it is possible to:

  • access all of the libraries within the SBA;
  • consult both printed and electronic educational resources;
  • photocopy and print; request bibliographic assistance;
  • use the local lending service;
  • attend workshops on bibliographic research;
  • and use other paid services, such as: document delivery;
  • interlibrary lending;
  • bibliographic research producing specialist bibliographies at the “Fabio Metelli” Psychology library and the “Vincenzo Pinali” Medical library.


Terms and conditions of issue.

To register, it is necessary to go to one of the University’s libraries with a form of ID and your Health Insurance Card stating your Tax Code and fill in an application form. The SBA Card allows you use the local lending service at all of the University’s libraries. Some services may be subject to additional fees. For more information, to notify us of anything, and to improve the service, you can contact the SBA Help-line.

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