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Interlibrary Loan request – reserved to the University of Padova patrons

In forwarding the request, you are accepting the regolamento e le modalità di erogazione del servizio [ITA] of the University of Padova Interlibrary Loan. Notably, we would like to remind you that:.

  • The service has a fixed charge per book (6,50 euros for books arriving from Italy, 13,50 euros for books from abroad). Should  the price  be different for some reason, you will be contacted in advance.
  • We DO NOT supply reproductions (photocopies of articles or books) nor books already owned by Padova libraries
  • The time of arrival of the books is not exactly predictable, because it depends on the lending library and the mailing service; on average, the waiting time is 15 days
  • The lending duration depends on the lending library, and may vary; usually, it’s 21 days
  • In some cases a home loan is not possible, and you will have to use the book in the library reading room
  • Save the categories named in the reserved section, all the other patrons must pick up and return the books at the Statistical Sciences Library, Via C. Battisti 241

Items must be used for study reasons only. The applicant is responsible for the use of the books obtained in Interlibrary Loan; we would like to remind you that any reproduction or publication for commercial use is strictly forbidden, as provided for by the Italian copyright law (Law n. 633, April 22nd 1941, Law n. 159, may 22nd 1993 and further modifications).

Applicant details or
Book requested in Interlibrary Loan
Section reserved to professors, researchers, research contributors approved by the University, and students with physical disability
The acceptance of the terms is compulsory to submit the request

Contact us for further information:

049 - 827 4105

049 - 827 4108