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Printing and copying services

MyPrint. The photocopying, printing and scanning service at Padova University


The Library System offers a technologically advanced Photocopying and Printing Service, Alba myPrint. With Alba myPrint Service you can easily photocopy, print, and scan through a self-service system, using peripheral printers installed at the libraries of the University. In just a few easy steps you can create an account on the myPrint portal using your University badge and directly manage the main activities online, such as uploading credit or sending documents to be printed.

The service is also available to guest users who have a Library System guest user card.

The myPrint service allows you to make copies using any of the printers available in the libraries and copying centres of the University.It is possible to send your printouts using any PC or personal device (PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets). It is also possible to scan documents, which are sent as PDF files directly to your e-mail address.

The Ricoh myPrint service allows you to use a credit card to upload the amount of credit you want using designated machines located within the libraries or via the online myPrint portal.

Service Prices

A4 black-and-white copy/print

Euro 0,05

A4 colour

Euro 0,40

A3 black-and-white

Euro 0,10

A3 colour

Euro 0,80

A4 colour scan Euro 0,03

A4 black-and-white

Euro 0,01


What kind of materials can be photocopied?

You can photocopy and print personal and  library materials for personal use and research, according to copyright laws.

What cannot be photocopied?

Precious or rare books, manuscripts, oversize books, music scores,  photographs and materials in poor condition or damaged. In case you need any of the above mentioned materials, please ask for assistance to the library where the document is held.


You can photocopy and print parts of  library materials for personal use and research, as provided for by the Italian copyright law (Law n. 633, April 22nd 1941, Law n. 159, may 22nd 1993 and further modifications).

No commercial use of copies is allowed and users are held totally responsible of law infringements.

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