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Through the Document Delivery Service, the University of Padova Libraries supply users with copies of documents, such as journal articles, book chapters etc,  not available in any of  their collections. All you have to do is to contact your library.

The Document Delivery service may be subject to copyright  limitations and  there can be further restrictions related to the electronic transmission of some documents.

Copies of documents are supplied exclusively for study,  research and  personal use.

Before applying for an article  request, please check the online catalogue and the  List of University of Padova libraries.

Nilde users

The following libraries offer the Document Delivery Service through NILDE:

Engineering Libraries (Polo Bibliotecario di Ingegneria), Social Sciences Libraries (Polo Bibliotecario di Scienze Sociali), Vallisneri Biology and Health Sciences Library (Biblioteca biologico-medica Vallisneri), Maldura Library (Biblioteca Maldura), Education Sciences Library (Biblioteca di Scienze dell’Educazione)

Nilde quick guide (Guida rapida per gli utenti Nilde: registrazione ed uso ITA)

Libraries or institutions

Copies of University of Padova  library materials can also be supplied to other libraries or institutions. Please check our terms and conditions.

University of Padova Libraries

Many Padova University Libraries exchange documents through the NILDE Service


The Document Delivery Service is subject to Italian laws on copyright.

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