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What is a bibliography?

For the purposes of a research project — be it a thesis, or an article for a scientific journal — the bibliography is an organised list of the documents, books, articles, essays and web pages that have been consulted.

The bibliography adds scientific value to a thesis, as it reflects the research process undertaken. <
One of the main purposes of the bibliography is to allow the exact identification of a referenced document, so to locate it in library and bookshop catalogues.

When drawing up a bibliography, the author/s has to decide on a citation style, which may be recommended by the tutor or the publisher. Although no single standard is applicable to all publications, it is important for the selected style to be consistent throughout the document.

Why use reference management software?

These applications can help you:

  • import citations from catalogues, databases and websites
  • create and organise bibliographies for theses, books and articles
  • insert and format citations within the text of documents

What are the types of citation management tools?

Many applications are available, but here are the most popular softwares:

If you’re not sure which citation management software is best for you check out our comparison chart (ITA).

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