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Third Mission


Particularly in recent years, the Third Mission in Italian universities is an important strand of activity aimed at contributing to the social, cultural and economic development of society and creating interaction between the academic world and the territory.

The Third Mission represents a strategic dimension of the University aimed at the development and implementation of policies, projects and actions aimed at spreading culture, and knowledge and transferring research results outside the academic community, thus contributing to social, economic and cultural growth.


In addition to supporting research and teaching, the University of Padua Library System contributes to the institutional Third Mission by organising numerous public engagement initiatives and events, such as bibliographic exhibitions, temporary exhibitions, book presentations, and guided tours. There are also multiple initiatives and projects supporting Open Science, through the organisation of cultural events and science dissemination.

The materials produced for these initiatives have been collected and organised in Phaidra, the University of Padova Library System’s platform for long-term archiving of digital collections, for their conservation and valorization. In Phaidra, these materials can be freely searched, consulted, downloaded and reused.