University Library System
University Library System

Joining the library

Who can access the libraries

The University of Padua libraries, with their print and electronic collections, can be accessed both by institutional users (i.e., University of Padua students, professors, researchers, PhDs, etc) and guest users. Guest users need to show the Library System Guest User Card (PDF) to access the libraries and their services.

Particular attention is given to making it easier for users with limited mobility to access the rooms within the libraries. To that end, any architectural barriers present are indicated on each library's website.

Consulting libraries collections

In libraries, it is possible to freely consult the books and journals that can be found on the shelves. To consult old or prestigious collections of documents or items held in repositories, it may be necessary to speak to a member of staff, who can be recognized by their identification badges.

In the libraries, there are also several computer stations available, with regulated access, which can be used to consult bibliographic resources available in electronic format.

The Welcome and Orientation Desk

The Library Welcome and Orientation Desk provides you with all the information you need on library services.

The staff at the Welcome Desk of every library are also available to all users to provide an initial orientation on how to select and use the educational resources available. However, if you still do not feel comfortable with online journals and databases, you can ask for personal assistance with your bibliographic research. This Reference service is offered by librarians who are experts at retrieving document-related information. To arrange an appointment, contact your reference library. Further information on contacts, fees, and how and when the service is provided, is available on the libraries' websites.

Libraries opening hours

The libraries’ public opening hours are posted in each of the buildings and published online on the university website. There may be changes during the summer period, generally in August, and at Easter and Christmas. During these times of the year, you should check the opening hours on the website of each library. It should be noted that, during the busier periods of the academic year (October-June), some libraries have extended opening hours and are also open in the evenings and at weekends.