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University Library System

Books in alternative format

What we do

The service supports students with severe disabilities, visually impaired, blind and diagnosed with dyslexia. We provide exam papers, books and articles in an alternative format.

Our services

  • Supplying material in digital format when available
  • Converting print textbooks into digital format
  • Interlibrary loan for recovering texts or items not found in our University libraries

Our users

Students registered to the Disability and Dyslexia Service of the University of Padua, according to Marrakesh Treaty.

How we work

You can make a request to the service e-mail address or you can fill out the online form (ITA).
Delivery times are strictly subject to the number of requests received.
It is recommended to send your requests well in advance to allow us to provide the material in time.
Please note that the service is subject to the signing of the release that claims not to sell to third parties the material received in digital format and not to keep a copy.

We are available by appointment

Please write to
You can find us on the fourth floor of building 4R PSICO2 Via Venezia 12/2.