University Library System
University Library System

Affluences App

By the means of the Affluences App, students can view in real-time the occupancy rate of study places available in each library of the University of Padua. Those looking for a place to study can therefore quickly find their way around the various libraries according to the occupancy rates updated every 60 seconds, thus minimising time wastage.

Those looking for a library for the first time can easily find information on its location, follow the itinerary and check the map from their mobile phone. Through a simple and clear interface, up-to-date information on opening hours is also provided, as well as the main communications for users. The Affluences App also includes a reservation system for individual seats or group study rooms, where available.

The Affluences App is free, ad-free and freely downloadable from the App Store and Google Play.

Covid-19 Emergency

To gain access to the libraries, it is compulsory to make an online reservation via the Affluences App.

The reservation must be made in the name of the person who actually goes to the library. The booking option has been set up in the Affluences App with differentiated channels depending on the type of user.