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University Library System

Interlibrary loan

Institutional users

Through the Interlibrary Loan Service, you can ask for books that are not in Padua libraries.

The service is available to undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers, teachers of the University libraries and technical staff of the University, and also to external users with a University of Padua library card.

Before placing a request, applicants should ensure that the item is not available in the University of Padua libraries, or other Padua libraries, by checking GalileoDiscovery.


Applicants are charged € 6,50 for each request on the item's arrival if the book was tracked in Italy, and € 13,50 if it comes from abroad. If you are an external user with a University of Padua library card, there is an extra charge of € 3,00 per request.

Requests sent to the British Library Document Supply Service and non-European countries are excluded from fixed charges. The applicants will be apprised of the charges in advance.

The internal users may submit requests by filling out the online request form (ITA); guest users with library cards must go to the Library of Statistics Sciences desk and fill in a paper form.

The length of the loan and the possibility of making photocopies are determined by the lending library.

UCPI does not supply photocopies of articles and parts of books as each University library already provides this service.


External libraries

The central service loans the material owned by the University libraries to Italian and foreign libraries only for reasons of study and research. Requests may be sent to the UCPI or directly to the University libraries and the books will be collected and shipped by the Central office. Items must be sent back to the UCPI within the expiry date by certified post.


The current charge is € 6,00 for loans within Italy and from 2 to 4 IFLA vouchers for loans outside Italy, depending on the weight of the book. The libraries will be apprised in advance of other charges that might apply in case of heavy parcels or custom expenses.


Central ILL Office (Ufficio Centrale per il Prestito Interbibliotecario - UCPI)

c/o Statistical Sciences Library "Bernardo Colombo"
Via C. Battisti, 241-243 - 35121 Padova

Phone: +39 049 8274108 / +39 049 8274105