University Library System
University Library System

University Library System Users

Users of the Library System are those who use its services, spaces and tools, both physical and digital.

The users of the University Library System are:

  • University users: regularly enrolled students, professors and lecturers, researchers, University staff, and all those who have a formal working, research or teaching relationship with the University. Institutional users and users in possession of an e-mail address or can access all the digital services of the Library System.
  • Guest users: all those who are not institutional users and who are of legal age. Underage users may access the facilities only for specific cultural dissemination occasions organised by the Libraries, subject to authorisation from their parents or those exercising parental responsibility. Users and guest users may access the services of the Library System by applying for a guest card at one of the University Libraries. The card costs 1.00 Euro and has unlimited validity. After 5 years of inactivity, the user's data will be deleted from the system.