University Library System
University Library System

Digitization projects

To promote the heritage of old and prestigious documents it possesses, and to satisfy the needs of users for fast and easy access to digital educational content, the University of Padua Library System offers the Phaidra repository: a management system for digital objects with long-term archiving functions to satisfy the specific aim of preservation and access to digital collections.

In principle, all digitalization projects must be in keeping with one or more of the following general aims:

  • to promote the heritage of documents kept at the University of Padua and, potentially, at major libraries around the city (public, ecclesiastical, etc.);
  • to make it easier for the public to have access to segments of Padua documentary heritage for scientific and cultural purposes;
  • to make interdisciplinary studies easier and to promote collaboration amongst the various universities in the area;
  • to promote the awareness of local or unique collections, through their large-scale distribution;
  • to create virtual collections by integrating various formats or materials distributed in different places;
  • to limit how often original documents are directly consulted if they are in a particularly critical condition;
  • to make it easier to access material that is difficult to get hold of;
  • to ensure that documents are available to future generations of students and researchers.

For further information on digital collections, please visit Phaidra.