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University Library System


The University of Padua supports the principles of open access to thesis and dissertations.

Open access to the thesis means that anyone anywhere can see, read and cite the work within a short time of confirmation of the award, while the research is still fresh and new.

A copy of the thesis is deposited (mandatory in the case of PhD thesis, at the author's choice for other types of dissertation) into Padua Thesis & Dissertation Archive or into Padua Research Archive (IRIS), University of Padua's institutional repositorieswith a procedure integrated into the academic degree application.

The thesis' copyright belongs to the author, and it is also retained by the author. Open Access publication and dissemination of University of Padua's theses takes place through an open, non-exclusive publishing licence (ITA), and for doctoral theses through a similar publication agreement.

Anyone can search and browse the theses archived in the institutional repositories and, when not otherwise indicated, view and download contents.


Bachelor's and Master's thesis

Bachelor's thesis at Padua, made publicly available by choice of the author, are searchable and openly available in Padua Thesis and Dissertation Archive.

The repository also contains other types of theses deposited at the authors' choice. It also includes information (metadata) relating to theses not published online in full text (restricted access).

Explore and search theses by type of academic degree or by sorting at Padua Thesis and Dissertation Archive – Communities and Collections.


PhD thesis and dissertation

Padua Research Archive (IRIS) is the institutional repository of the University of Padua and as such carries the assurance that the work has been awarded the degree claimed and the document represents the Version of Record (VoR). It also allows the legal deposit of the PhD thesis at the national central libraries, as required by current legislation in Italy.

All PhD theses at Padua are deposited in the institutional repository to ensure that are recorded, indexed, disseminated and preserved alongside the research publications of the University of Padua's staff and PhD students.

Bibliographic assistance

Do you need help with bibliographic research for your thesis or dissertation?

Who should you contact to know more about third-party copyright, thesis copyright, and the inclusion of preprints or unpublished/published works or images in a Bachelor, Master or PhD thesis?

You can also ask for online support via the library help desk. If you need any further information, please contact the Library Helpline. Select:

  • "Supporto alla pubblicazione accademica" (Scholarly publishing assistance)
  • "Consulenza tematiche diritto d’autore" (Copyright issues)