Sistema Bibliotecario di Ateneo
Sistema Bibliotecario di Ateneo

Campo 121

121 - Dati codificati per contenuto: Materiale cartografico - Attributi fisici (Non ripetibile)

Indicatori: non definiti

$a Materiale cartografico, dati codificati: caratteristiche materiali (Generale) (Non ripetibile)
$a/0 dimensioni fisiche

a = 2-D
b = 3-D

$a/1-2 Primary cartographic image

a = manually and plotted
b = photographically
c = by computer
d = by active remote sensing techniques
e = by passive remote sensing techniques

$a/3-4 Physical medium

aa = paper
ab = wood
ac = stone
ad = metal
ae = synthetics (e.g. plastics, vinyl)
af = skin (e.g. parchment, vellum)
ag = textile including manmade fibre textiles (e.g. silk, cloth,
ah = magnetic storage medium computer compatible
ai = magnetic storage medium not computer compatible
aj = tracing paper
ak = cardboard
ap = plaster
au = sconosciuto
az = altro nonphotographic medium

Photographic medium:

ba = transparent or opaque flexible base positive
bb = transparent or opaque flexible base negative
bc = transparent or opaque nonflexible base positive
bd = transparent or opaque nonflexible base negative
bz = altro photographic medium

$a/5 Creation technique

a = manuscript
b = printing
c = photocopying
d = microphotography
u = sconosciuto
y = the cartographic item is not a final product but is on a
preproduction medium as specified in character positions 34,
Physical medium
z = altro

$a/6 Form of reproduction

a = by hand
b = printed
c = photography
d = transfer line print (e.g., Xerox, blueprints, ozalid)
y = not a reproduction

$a/7 Geodetic adjustment

a = no adjustment
b = adjusted but without grid system
c = adjusted with grid system
x = non applicabile

$a/8 Physical form of publication

a = single
b = in parts
c = atlas including looseleaf published atlas
d = as a separate supplement to a journal, monograph, etc.
e = bound into a journal, monograph, etc.
z = altro

$b Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing Codice del campod Data: Physical Attributes
$b/0 Altitude of Sensor

a = terrestrial
b = aerial
c = space

$b/1 Attitude of sensor

a = low oblique
b = high oblique
c = vertical

$b/2-3 Spectral bands

01 to 99 = number of bands
xx = non applicabile

$b/4 Quality of image

a = poor
b = fair
c = good
d = very good

$b/5 Cloud cover

1 = 1/8 cover
2 = 2/8 cover
3 = 3/8 cover
4 = 4/8 cover
5 = 5/8 cover
6 = 6/8 cover
7 = 7/8 cover
8 = completely covered by clouds

$b/6-7 Mean value of ground resolution

A twocharacter Codice del campo indicates the mean value of the ground resolution.
Character position 6 carries either the numeric mean value for the
resolution or an indication that it is less than 1 centimetre or greater
than 9 kilometres. Character position 7 carries a Codice del campo for the metric unit
used. Applicable only to remote sensing.

$b/6 Mean ground resolution values

= less than 1 centimetre
19 = numeric value
+ = greater than 9 kilometres
x = non applicabile

$b/7 Metric unit Codice del campos

c = centimetres
i = decimetres
m = metres
d = decametres
h = hectametres
k = kilometres
x = non applicabile