University Library System
University Library System

Off-campus connection to electronic resources via Single Sign-on (SSO)

The University of Padua makes available a system of access to the services of the University through a single authentication (Single Sign-On - SSO), based on Shibboleth software.

By the same account used for the institutional mailbox ( or is also possible to access some resources of the Digital Library through the Idem Garr and EduGain service.

To access electronic resources through SSO authentication:

  • Check that the resource is part of the Idem Federation
  • Identify the authentication box on the home page of the electronic resource you wish to access. The location of the box may vary slightly from resource to resource and is sometimes named Login, Sign In or similar.
  • Click on Login
  • Ignore the request for username and password and look for the Institutional Login
  • In the drop-down menu select "Italian Higher Education & Research - Idem"
  • In the drop-down menu select "University of Padua"
  • Enter your institutional mailbox credentials ( or
  • You are now authenticated and you can browse the resource, even remotely, from any computer, without needing to configure the Auth-proxy service.