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What is the Auth-proxy service?

The Auth-proxy service allows off-campus access to University of Padua electronic journals and databases both from Italy and from abroad.
Electronic resources must be used according to the current usage guidelines. If the rules are broken, publishers may block access to the whole community.


Who is allowed to access the Auth-proxy service?

Faculty, students and staff are allowed to access the Auth-proxy service. To activate the service, e-mail accounts ending either with or must be used. Users with a guest library card are not entitled to this service.

  • Request a first access password. To access the Auth-proxy service, your username is your institutional e-mail address (in its entirety), while the password is different from your e-mail one.
  • Forgot your password? Request a new one. You will receive a temporary password you'll need to change immediately after. Please remember not to use special characters in the password, but letters and numbers only. Your e-mail and Uniweb password won't be changed.

Proxy Docile allows to quickly enable and disable the proxy connection.


Resources that are accessible via Auth-proxy service

With few exceptions, all licensed eJournals, eBooks and databases provided by the University Library System are accessible via the Auth-proxy service.


Do you need help?

If you experience problems with the Auth-proxy access to e-resources, please contact the Library Helpline.