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Guide to the Auth-proxy service

To use the Auth-proxy service you need an active email address for the University of Padua e.g. or

  1. Activate your account: request a password on the Activate your account web page.
  2. For desktop devices (not mobile ones), the easiest way to use the Auth-proxy service is to install Proxy Docile. Proxy Docile is a browser add-on that allows you to activate and deactivate the proxy connection without configuring the browser every time you need to use the Auth-proxy service. Proxy Docile is available for Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera and similar browsers. While using Proxy Docile, the proxy connection will only be active in the browser in use.
    Alternatively, you can follow the proxy configuration procedure for the operating system you use. In this case, the proxy connection will be active in each browser installed on your computer (and possibly also within other applications that connect to the Internet via HTTP protocol).

    Below are the configuration methods for the different operating systems.

Proxy Docile

Proxy Docile is a browser add-on available for Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera and similar browsers ("desktop" versions only) that automates proxy configuration.


Resources accessible via the Auth-proxy service

All licensed eJournals, eBooks and databases provided by the University Library System are available via the Auth-Proxy service.

If you experience problems accessing electronic resources using the Auth-proxy service, please contact the Library Helpline.