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macOS – Guide to proxy connection configuration

  • Open the Apple menu, and choose System Preferences
  • Click Network
  • Select the network connection you are using, for instance, Ethernet o Wi-Fi  

Selezione del servizio di rete per la configurazione del proxy

  • Log in as Administrator to be allowed to change the settings
  • Click on Advanced in the bottom right corner, and then click on the Proxy tab
  • Select "Automatic proxy configuration". Fill in the URL field with

Selezione protocollo da configurare e file di di configurazione

  • Click OK, and then Apply

If the automatic proxy configuration does not work, use the manual configuration below:

  • Tick "Proxy web (HTTP)"
  • Fill in "Server Proxy Web" field with
  • Fill in the Port field with 8080


Disable proxy configuration

Disable the proxy configuration by unticking "Automatic proxy configuration".

Please remember to disable the proxy connection when you have finished browsing the Library System's resources to not burden the traffic on the reserved bandwidth, consequently slowing down the browsing for other users.